Volume 7 Issue 2 2011


Muhammad Mansoor Mirza
MS scholar at Institute of Business & Technology, Karachi.

Syed. Sikander Mehdi
Professor at the Institute of Business & Technology (Biztek), Karachi.

Abstract The study has been conducted with the core objective to overview and understand Pakistan's bilateral relations with the Federal Republic of Germany and impacts of these cordial relations. The paper first focuses on the learned by Germans from mistakes of "The Third Reich" (NAZI Dictatorship) and strategies of reconstruction, rehabilitation, and reconciliation in the post-world war II period that paved ways for German unification and led Germany to secure a position as a leading economy, contrary to German case we have to figure out the mistakes and lapses that undermined all major institutions of Pakistan, derailed economy and took Pakistan to a state of chaos. A survey was conducted to analyze three relations. First "Can Pakistan learn a lesson from Germany as they have moved from devastation to development?" Second "Is there any awareness about the importance of our relations with Germany among youth?" Third "Is it right to say that Pakistan can benefit much more if serious efforts are made to further improve the ties with Germany especially in case of trade, energy crises, and industrial infrastructure?" 100 students were selected as a sample with a 100% response rate. According to our survey overall rate of awareness among youth on Pakistan's relations with Germany resulted in approximately 37%. Approximately 80% suggested acquiring German assistance to enhance trace and resolving energy crises. Approximately 60% suggested that Pakistan's relations with Germany should be highlighted in popular media equally as our relations with the U.S or Britain. Contrary to Germany in the case of Pakistan alternating spells of military dictatorship, military dominant foreign policy, confrontation with neighbors, and preference of security over education, healthcare, and development along with corruption is resulted to be prominent factors that have undermined Pakistan's political, social, and economic systems.
Keywords Bilateral relations, Reconciliation, Coexistence, Confrontation
Year 2011
Volume 7
Issue 2
Type Short Report
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Journal Name IBT Journal of Business Studies
Publisher Name ILMA University
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