Volume 12 Issue 1 2016


Rafique Ahmed Khan
Bahria University Karachi Campus 13, National Stadium Road, Karachi, Pakistan.

Muhammad Ihsan Qadir
Bahria University Karachi Campus 13, National Stadium Road, Karachi, Pakistan.

Abstract This paper aims at exploring and investigating the impact of factors including career growth opportunities, workplace environment, managerial support, rewards & recognition system, and work-life balance on ‘turnover intention’ of teachers, in Bahria Schools and Colleges at Karachi. For the sake of ascertaining the influence of these factors on employee turnover intention, six Bahria Schools and Colleges at Karachi were chosen. Methodology: By adopting a quantitative approach, views of 120 respondents (both male & female) were obtained with the help of a well-structured questionnaire. The data were treated by applying correlation and regression analysis tools with the help of SPSS software, version 22. The results indicated that all five factors were negatively related to teachers’ turnover intention. However, the impact of a work-life balance was not insignificant. Similarly, the results of the female employees varied from those of the male respondents. Male employees were comparatively less concerned about the issues related to work-life balance as compared to their female counterparts. Since all independent variables, if suitably practiced, also lead to employee satisfaction, the study reflected the inverse relationship between employee satisfaction and turnover intention. This study can help the management of Bahria Schools and Colleges to understand the factors responsible for employee turnover intention. By paying due attention to the identified factors, the Bahria Schools and Colleges can significantly enhance the motivation level of teachers, thereby reducing their turnover intention. The study is considered equally useful for other Schools and Colleges. In the end, future researchers have been advised to further explore the likely contribution of other factors towards employee satisfaction and reduced turnover intention.
Keywords Career Growth Opportunities, Workplace Environment, Rewards & Recognition System, Management Support, Work-Life Balance, Turnover Intention.
Year 2016
Volume 12
Issue 1
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