Volume 15 Issue 1 2019


Ammar Ahmad
Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration, ISP, Multan,
ammar. malik419@gmail.com

Muhammad Azeem
Ph.D. Scholar, Universiti Utara Malaysia

Sanober Salman Shaikh
Institute of Business Administration, University of Sindh Jamshoro, Pakistan

Abstract This empirical study was aimed to discover the impact of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and international standardization of organization (ISO) on corporate reputation (CR) and corporate reputation’s eff ect on consumer loyalty (CL). In addition, the relationship of corporate reputation & trust (T), corporate reputation with consumer company identifi cation (CCI) was also examined. Lastly the association of consumer company identifi cation, trust and consumer loyalty (CL) was also analyzed. The data was collected from 500 students of three diff erent universities and survey instrument was administrated. Overall, eight hypotheses were examined to confi rm the relationship among variables by using the CFA (Confi rmatory Factor Analysis) and structural equation modeling (SEM) was used to test the validity of the instrument with the help of AMOS and SPSS software. The resultindicated that ISO and environmental CSR has direct relationship with corporate reputation. Corporate reputation had direct association with trust. Whereas, corporate reputation was signifi cantly positive related with consumer company identifi cation. Subsequently, Trust also showed positive relation with loyalty and positive relationship was found between consumer company identifi cation and consumer loyalty. Furthermore, results showed that community development- corporate social responsibility had no relationship with corporate reputation and corporate reputation was signifi cantly related with customer loyalty. The fi ndings of this study contribute in the literature provided instrument authenticity and adaptability in Pakistani context. In this study limitations and future recommendations were also provided.
Keywords :CSR, ISO, Consumer Company Identifi cation, Corporate Reputation, Trust, Consumer Loyalty
Year 2019
Volume 15
Issue 1
Type Research paper, manuscript, article
Recognized by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, HEC
Category "Y"
Journal Name IBT Journal of Business Studies
Publisher Name ILMA University
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DOI https://doi.org/10.46745/ilma.ibtjbs.2019.151.08
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Country Pakistan
City Karachi
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