Volume 15 Issue 1 2019


Abdul Hameed
Lecturer, Ilma University & PhD Scholar Iqra University Karachi

Muhammad Ayub Khan Maher
Professor, Iqra University Karachi, Pakistan,

Akhtiar Ali
Senior Assistant Professor, BahriaUniversity Karachi, Pakistan

Mohammad Mohsin Khan
BahriaUniversity Karachi, Pakistan

Abstract Product diff erentiation has become a diffi cult task for the marketers because of the increasing number of brands in the market. It is also noted that, the product diff erentiation which gets it basis fromthe brand i.e. brand equity, turns out to be more eff ective than others. This is the reason why the marketers are emphasizing more on strengthening the brand equity of a brand. A conceptual framework was constructed to measure the impact brand equity has from all the other components under brand equity. Furthermore, consumer brand preference and consumer’s brand purchase intention were also studied alongwith the eff ects of brand equity on them. The sample size was chosen 385 and it was quite responsive; only 5% of them did not respond. The prior studies were used in developing the constructs by making sure their applicability and validity in recent times. Likert scale was used in the questionnaire to get the answers from respondents. The data was collected on basis of convenience sampling. Model was analyzed completely after conducting the preliminary analysis. Then hypotheses were analyzed on basis of regression which ruled out only one out of seven.
Keywords Brand Equity, Perceived Sales Promotion Intensity, Uniqueness, Brand Attitude
Year 2019
Volume 15
Issue 1
Type Research paper, manuscript, article
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