Volume 4 Issue 2 2008


Khurram Ghani

Yuserrie Zainuddin

Hassan Gholipour Fereidouni
School of Management, Universiti Sains Malaysia

Ali Ziaee
Institute of Business and Technology (BIZTEK)

Abstract The Global Economy has changed in very significant ways during the past several decades and these changes are deeply rooted in the cross boarder trade among countries. These transformations lead countries to the formation of new Regional Blocs. Countries belonging to particular regional bloc promotes free flow of capital, cheap labor and other products, in order to strengthen there economy by signing Free Trade Agreements (FTAs). The main purpose of signing FTA is to increase there cross boarder trade by lowering taxes on there exports and imports so that consumers can get products at the cheaper price. But every coin has a flipped side; signing FTA does not guarantee that the signatories will get benefit of it; the intentions of governments might be different. The main purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of the effect of Asean Free Trade Agreement (AFTA) on Malaysian Economy.
Keywords AFTA, Cross boarder trade, FTA, Global Economy and Regional Bloc.
Year 2008
Volume 4
Issue 2
Type Research paper, manuscript, article
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Journal Name IBT Journal of Business Studies
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