Volume 5 Issue 1 2009


Manzoor Ahmad
Formerly, Rector, International Islamic University, Islamabad.

Abstract Education in Pakistan hasn’t made any headway. Neither the planners nor the implementers have succeeded in realizing the aims and objectives outlined in the successive Educational Policies. This paper attempts to study the causes which have resulted in the recent stalemate. The author thinks that one of the reasons is the lack of emphasis on the acquisition of critical mass of modern education. The dichotomy of faith and reason in Pakistan’s educational policies has not allowed the emergence of that critical mass of intellectual vigor which could promote independent thinking among the students. The author thinks that the concept of the “Ideology of Pakistan” has had its share in the intellectual stalemate obtaining today. On top of the above-cited malaise, the commercialization of education rampant in the world nowadays has also had its salutary effect on the Third World countries and Pakistan is no exception. What is urgently required by Pakistan is that due emphasis should be paid to the study of social sciences. The Think-Tank of Social Scientists, Anthropologists, Philosophers, and Historians should start a reexamination of the paradigm and suggest alternatives without sacrificing the basic value system.
Year 2009
Volume 5
Issue 1
Type Short Report
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