Volume 6 Issue 1 2010


Md. Masud Sarker
Assistant Professor, Department of Political Studies Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet-3114, Bangladesh.

Md. Bayezid Alam
Lecturer , Department of Political Science Sylhet Science College, Sylhet, Bangladesh.

Abstract In recent times the issues of good governance have received wide attention from policymakers, researchers, and international donor agencies. The existence of the Ombudsman promotes good governance around the world by ensuring administrative accountability and transparency. The necessity for the office of Ombudsman has been felt in Bangladesh ever since its independence. Our constitution makers incorporated the provision for Ombudsman in article 77 of the constitution of 1972. In 1980, the parliament in Bangladesh passed the Ombudsman Act in pursuance of article 77 of the constitution. The office, however, has not yet been established and the provisions of the act have remained as dead letters. As a result, we have so far from good governance in public administration. This paper provides an analytical overview of the Ombudsman institution as a mechanism of good governance in Banglades.
Keywords Ombudsman, good governance, accountability, transparency.
Year 2010
Volume 6
Issue 1
Type Short Report
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