Volume 8 Issue 1 2012


Abdul Qadir Patoli
Sindh University Laar Campus Badin.

Salman Ahmed Sheikh
Institute of Business Administration IBA Karachi.

Abstract This study is aimed at analyzing the environmental conduciveness for Islamic Banking & Finance in the rural region of Sindh. A case study is being conducted to analyze such a situation through observations from respondents of Tando Allahyar Taluka, Sindh. This pure and qualitative study called for primary data, collected through a structured questionnaire, from the residents of Tando Allahyar Taluka of Sindh. The observations converted into a discrete data set and analyzed statistically on descriptive statistics and sample T-Testing for measuring the significance of sample. The outcome of the study remained as per expectations that lack of awareness and prevalence of Ambivalence are found prominent in the case of Islamic Banking and Finance. This provides insight into the environment that is conducive for banking, rather than Islamic banking & finance. It was also observed that the majority of the earning population is using Banking services, but rarely are using finances, just because of the interest factor. The Islamic mode of banking & finance can play a vital role in bridging the gap of conventional banking & finance and derive the need of religion-centered people towards such banking & finance circle so that it can further the business cycle of the economy and enhance profitability. The results of the study are restricted to the educated part of the rural population and cannot be inferred for all populations. The result of the study is also restricted to the urbanized area of rural Sindh.
Keywords Environment, Islamic, Banking, Finance, Interest
Year 2012
Volume 8
Issue 1
Type Short Report
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Journal Name IBT Journal of Business Studies
Publisher Name ILMA University
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