Volume 9 Issue 1 2013


Muhammad Asim
Karachi University Business School, University of Karachi.

Sohaib uz Zaman
Karachi University Business School, University of Karachi.

Tayyaba Zarif
Newports Institute of Communication and Economics, Karachi.

Abstract The primary objective of this study is to evaluate the issue of suitability, acceptability, and degree of implementation of Quality Management (QM) practices in the construction industry of Pakistan. Currently the status of adoption of QM principles particularly in this industry and more specifically in the prevailing culture and context of Pakistani environment is overwhelmingly poor which led the researcher to go for this study. The study entails questionnaire development and the analysis of its responses from seventeen leading construction organizations operating in Pakistan during the year 2012. The study also incorporates data from various secondary sources. The analysis was carried out using basic statistical tools such as mean, median, and standard deviation, and a bar chart was employed to represent the data. The findings revealed that the concept and meaning of quality are not understood and interpreted in their true sense. The conformance to standard specifications (SOPs) is considered to be equivalent to implementation of Quality Management is far from the truth. It was also determined that a general lack of awareness and untrained employees that are mostly uneducated labor is one of the major causes of this dismal. It is hoped that the outcomes of this study may provide a guideline to the owners of the construction industry and help them understand the notion of Quality Management in its real term. It will also assist the monitoring and regulating agencies to devise policies accordingly catering to the need of the modern era that will help the Pakistani construction industry to compete locally and globally.
Keywords Total Quality Management, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Critical Success Factors, Construction industry
Year 2013
Volume 9
Issue 1
Type Short Report
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