Volume 10 Issue 1 2014


Sabahat Akram
Ministry of Textile Industry Government of Pakistan, Pakistan.

Abstract This study presents an analysis of the impact of training (capacity development) through a foreign aided project National Education project NEP in AJK. A customized set of capacity domains was developed using standard analysis tools devised by UNDP against whom the change due to training was measured. The variables of the model are Relevance, Performance, Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Sustainability & Community Participation. The statistical estimates are based on a data set of various surveys and scheduled interviews. The study concludes that although training for the master trainers was relevant and efficient they could not provide desired results for ultimate beneficiaries that are the primary teachers. Sustainability and community participation were the weaker areas of the project creating negative effects. The analysis includes recommendations for more prudent future policy-making of such projects. This research study is the first of its kind for a particular area of Pakistan. It presents an overview of the foreign aided project and will serve as a database for future planning and research.
Keywords Capacity development, Impact evaluation, Relevance, Effectiveness, Sustainability
Year 2014
Volume 10
Issue 1
Type Short Report
Recognized by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, HEC
Category "Y"
Journal Name IBT Journal of Business Studies
Publisher Name ILMA University
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