Volume 10 Issue 2 2014


Muhammad Azeem Qureshi
Institute of Business & Technology. Karachi-Pakistan.

Zahid A. Memon
Mehran University Institute of Science, Technology and Development MUET, Jamshoro.

Hammad Tahir
Institute of Business & Technology. Karachi-Pakistan.

Abstract This study discovers the existence of lay-off survivor sickness syndrome among nonmanagers of private sector organizations in Pakistan where many downsizing initiatives have been taken. The scope of this study also covers the impact of downsizing syndrome on the performance of employees in the context of age and gender and its lasting effect on survivors of downsizing. Since no official data related to downsizing is available, through convenience sampling technique 185 respondents were approached from three organizations that have had lay-off in recent years, taking 10% representation from each. This study proved the existence of lay-off-survivor sickness syndrome among survivors of lay-off and results proved the reduced job performance. The most significant variable constituting the sickness is depression. Lay-off survivor sickness decreases with the increase in age and males suffer more than female respondents but results are insignificant in the context of age, gender, and duration of lay-off survivor sickness and no association has been establishing among these variables. This study is going to help HR managers to take preemptive measures and devise strategies to reduce productivity dip during and after the phase of downsizing. Downsizing prospects in Pakistan can be benefited through the findings of this study.
Keywords Lay-off survivor sickness Syndrome, Job performance, Age, Gender, Duration of Lay-off Survivor Sickness.
Year 2014
Volume 10
Issue 2
Type Full Length Paper
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Journal Name IBT Journal of Business Studies
Publisher Name ILMA University
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DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.46745/ilma.jbs.2014.10.02.08
ISSN no (E, Electronic) 2409-6520
ISSN no (P, Print) 2416-8393
Country Pakistan
City Karachi
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Page 101-118