Volume 11 Issue 1 2015


Zafarullah Chanido
Institute of Business & Technology Karachi, Pakistan.

Shoaib Ahmed
Institute of Business & Technology Karachi, Pakistan.

Sarah Zafar
Institute of Business & Technology Karachi, Pakistan.

Abstract Purpose- This paper aims to show the effects of organizational climate, including perceived organizational support and supervisory support on employees’ service quality in the context of Foreign Tobacco Company of Bangladesh. Methodology/Sampling- A total of 175 questionnaires were distributed among the respondents using non-probability, convenience sampling technique. Out of these, only 120 questionnaires were found suitable for data treatment. The data was treated with the help of software SPSS 20, applying correlation and linear regression analysis tools for testing the hypotheses. Findings- The study established that there was a positive relationship of employee service quality with independent variables i.e. perceived organizational support, supervisory support and organizational climate. It also explained the extent to which the employees perceived their service quality in context of organizational climate and also the support they got from the firm. The study also identified some important areas that need further improvement in the service quality of employees. Practical Implications- Findings of the study clearly indicate that in order to get better service from the employees, Foreign Tobacco Company needs to be more considerate by focusing on employees’ problems, needs and accordingly provide them adequate support to mitigate their problems. The results also indicate that service quality of the employees is highly influenced by the organizational climate, supervisory support and organizational support. The managers at various tiers may seek help from the findings and render maximum possible support to the employees to enhance their commitment and loyalty.
Keywords Service Quality, Supervisory Support, Organizational Climate, Organizational Performance.
Year 2015
Volume 11
Issue 1
Type Short Report
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