Volume 12 Issue 1 2016


Reema Farooghi
Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari Institute of Technology or KASB Institute of Technology.

Syeda Nazneen Waseem
Iqra University.

Samina Qasim
Iqra University.

Abstract The purpose of this study is to analyze Customer Retention as a result of Customer Service Employees. It helps to study the attitude of the customers and analyze the factors that are held important by the customers towards the achievement of their satisfaction. CFA and Path Analysis have been used to analyze the data collected from young telecom users. Data has been collected using convenience sampling from young telecom consumers using a self-administered questionnaire. The results indicate that there is a significant relationship between Customer Orientation of Service Employees and Customer Retention, Customer Satisfaction, and Emotional Commitment. It is also analyzed that their Customer Satisfaction and Emotional Commitment mediates the effect between Customer Orientation of Service Employees (COSE) and Customer Retention. This study contributes in several ways. First, it provides an understanding of the relationship between Service Employees and Customer Retention. Secondly, it helps to analyze the criteria that need to be used to increase customer satisfaction and their involvement in the organization; thirdly it provides empirical evidence of the work and theory laid by Hennig-Thurau, 2004.
Keywords : Customer Orientation of Service Employees, COSE, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Retention, Emotional Commitment, Telecommunication Industry.
Year 2016
Volume 12
Issue 1
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Page 220-246