VOL.11, NO.2

1. Psychological Vulnerabilities of Internally Displaced Persons in Pakistan & Its Effects on General Community 2. An Exploratory Study of Entrepreneurial Centers in Pakistan - An Untapped Market Opportunity
3. Factors behind Brand Switching in Telecommunication Industry of Pakistan 4. Role of Hurst Exponent in Prediction of Market Efficiency in KSE-100 Index
5. Determinants of Capital Flight in Pakistan 6. Effect of Organizational Work Climate on Job Satisfaction - An Empirical Study of Engro Foods Ltd Pakistan
7. Psychological Construct & Human Resource Deterioration How Burnout Stress & Job Insecurity trigger Turnover intention A Cross Sectional Study from Pakistan 8. Internal Control Effectiveness & Its Relationship with Financial Performance
9. Work-Life Balance Initiatives & Service Encounters Employees Perspective 10. Impact of Remittances on Export PerformanceTime Series Evidence from Pakistan
11. Impact of Business Education on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 12. Domestic Investment Climate & Foreign Direct Investment in South Asia A Panel Data Evidence
13. Prioritization of Quality Care Criteria to Deliver Quality Service Using Dematel 14. Investigating the Role of Micro Finance on Economic & Social Development of People
15. An Empirical Study on Designing & Implementing of Gridded Management Model for Urban & Rural Public Service 16. Governance Issues in Pakistan & Their Impact on Income Inequality
17. Drivers of Work Alienation A Narrative Review 18. Investigating Status of Corporate Social Responsibility Policies & Practices Case Study Of Small & Medium Enterprises in Jamshoro & Hyderabad Districts
19. Leadership Style and Organizational Performance A Comparative study between Transformational and Transactional Leadership styles