Volume 7 Issue 1 2011


Farooq-E-Azam Cheema
Dean Faculty of Management Science Institute of Business & Technology (Biztek).

Nadeem A. Syed
Associate Professor FAST Business School, National University Karachi campus.

Abstract The purpose of this conceptual study was to explore prospects of coaching and mentoring as an HRD intervention in the private sector organizations and government departments in Pakistan. This study was prompted by coaching and mentoring is an effective and efficient mode of employee development compared to traditional off-the-job classroom training programs. The study was based on a comprehensive literature reviewed critically and the diverse factors affecting these two activities as tools of employee development identified including their pre-requisites and possible barriers in the way of their introduction and application. The guidelines emerging from the relevant literature were used to analyze the internal and external organizational environments and Pakistani culture as a whole. Opinion on the national and organizational culture and other determining factors for the coaching and mentoring as an HRD tool was based on wider observation and experience of the authors themselves. The study did not promise rosy prospects altogether. It concluded that factors like organizational and national cultures, line managers' attitude towards coaching and mentoring and the top managements' overall approach towards the human resource development did not favor the introduction and practice of coaching and mentoring as HRD intervention in Pakistan; both private sector local organizations as well as government sector departments. The study is informative for the HRD practitioners who are ambitious in availing the contemporary HRD interventions including coaching and mentoring in Pakistan like society.
Keywords coaching, mentoring, HRD intervention, organizational culture, line managers' role
Year 2011
Volume 7
Issue 1
Type Short Report
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