Volume 11 Issue 1 2015


Beenish Aqeel
Iqra University Main Campus, Karachi.

Faisal Qadeer Qureshi
Iqra University Main Campus, Karachi.

Ishtiaq Ahmed
Bahira University Karachi Campus.

Abstract This research examines the impact of social media marketing on customer purchase intention from in Pakistan perspective. This research study is Quantitative, instruments of this research are Questionnaire which is developed according to the scenario covers all variables. The collected data analyzed on the SPSS version 15.0 with the help of Factor Analysis and multiple linear regression. The result reveals that the customer tries to find out the information regarding the brand as much as possible with ease. The result showed that the perceived quality has no significant relation with the purchase intention in the context of the social media marketing (because of the fake quality images in the advertisement through images and video commercials), whereas the information search has a positive significant relationship with the purchase intention (because of the huge variety available at social media to explore various brands and make the decision to purchase it.) last but not the least word of mouth this also shows the positive significant relations with purchase intention because this variable carries trust with itself. The findings are helpful for social media experts to devise strategies to appeal to more and more customers.
Keywords Social media, virtual marketing, internet marketing and customer information search
Year 2015
Volume 11
Issue 1
Type Short Report
Recognized by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, HEC
Category "Y"
Journal Name IBT Journal of Business Studies
Publisher Name ILMA University
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ISSN no (E, Electronic) 2409-6520
ISSN no (P, Print) 2416-8393
Country Pakistan
City Karachi
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Page 58-66