Volume 11 Issue 2 2015


Abdur Rahman Aleemi

Dr. Muhammad Tariq Chaudhry

Muhammad Azeem Qureshi
Institute of Business & Technology, Karachi.

Dr. Roomana Anwar
Baqai Medical University, Karachi.

Abstract The purpose of this study is to assess the effects of psychological problems faced by IDPs (displaced as a result of Operation Zarb-i-Azb) of North Waziristan on the local Community. IDPs coming from Waziristan and surroundings including men and women of all ages and children are the ones who are more vulnerable to physical and mental stresses likely to be caused by military actions of terrorists and counteraction by Pakistani Armed Forces. They have a residence in shelter homes, tents are in a community which is different and most of the time hostile from their community. The stresses like violence, migration, imposed poverty unhygienic, and unsystematic living atmosphere of camps lead the IDPs to a change in everyday life activities away from their cultural routines which in turn is causing deterioration of society as well. This is primarily an exploratory study done on the field in IDP camps situated in the Bannu district. We approached a sample of 500 IDPs and identified around 200 to be suffering from psychological issues, who were interviewed and were administered questionnaires with the help of trained surveyors and medical team. It is noted that such transitory unplanned no systemic living has caused an increase in activities like thieving, use of drugs, abduction for ransom, and other forms of violence and such like activities. The relationship between psychological issues of IDPs and the effects on community (Proxied by Crime rate) were subjected to descriptive analysis and were found that a significantly good number of IDPs suffer from psychiatric disorders and there is a significant increase in crime rate for areas with sufficient number of IDPs around. Displacement results in the emergence of particular vulnerabilities for those affected, and also for the surrounding communities, thereafter necessitating specific measures for the provision of assistance and further protection corresponding to vulnerabilities.
Keywords War on terror, internal displacement, resettlement, trauma, PTSD, psychological disorders, crime rate, Military Operation, Zarb-i-Azb
Year 2015
Volume 11
Issue 2
Type Short Report
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