Volume 11 Issue 2 2015


Dr. Shahid Qureshi
Director, Center for Entrepreneurial Development IBA Karachi.

Dr. Farooq-E-Azam Cheema
Dean Faculty of Management Sciences at Bahria University Karachi.

Sana Fawad
Research Assistant, IBA Center for Entrepreneurial Development IBA Karachi.

Abstract Entrepreneurship has gained immense attention globally, especially amongst the academic world. Universities are transforming themselves into entrepreneurial universities by promoting industry-academia linkages, opening offices of research and commercialization, opening up entrepreneurial centers and incubators, and offering courses and workshops on entrepreneurship to inculcate an entrepreneurial mindset among the students, faculty, and university administration. This phenomenon has also gained popularity in Pakistan. However, currently, there is very limited research available on entrepreneurship education and promotion activities in Pakistan. This exploratory study investigates the state of entrepreneurship centers and entrepreneurship education in Pakistan. A survey was conducted amongst the entrepreneurial centers in Pakistani universities inquiring about various activities happening on the university’s campus. Multiple case design methodology is employed to analyze the data collected from nine entrepreneurial centers. Concerning entrepreneurial teaching, our study led us to the conclusion that modern pedagogical techniques are being gradually introduced at universities. However, there is a need for such entrepreneurship courses that leverage indigenous entrepreneurial opportunities along with combining the individual skillset. The survey results indicate that the state of entrepreneurship in Pakistan is in its early phases and needs a lot of attention from policymakers (on a macro level) and university administration (on a micro-level) for the subject to blossom.
Keywords Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship Centers, Entrepreneurship Development
Year 2015
Volume 11
Issue 2
Type Short Report
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Publisher Name ILMA University
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