VOL.12, NO.1

1. Effect of HR Diversity Management Practices on Employee Knowledge Sharing: Examining the Mediating Role of Trust on Leadership and Moderating Role of Cooperative Norms 2. Investigating the Gender Diversity in The Field of Research: A Study Based on Editorial Boards of Journals Falling in ISI Thomson Reuters
3. Tenure as a Moderator Between Affective Commitment and Proactively 4. Democracy or Military Dictatorship: A Choice of Governance for the Economic Growth of Pakistan
5. Do Taglines have a Positive Impact on Building the Brand Perception? 6. Redefinig Economic Systems as an Islamic Economic System
7. Gauging the Curiosity of Television Viewers - a Comparative Study on Comic Versus Serious Appeals When Promoting Higher or Lower Thought Products 8. The Effects of Sleep Deprivation on the Job Performance of Working Mothers
9. Effect of Organizational Skills and Competencies on Perceived Job Performance with Mediation of Multitasking 10. Antecedents of Turnover Intentions: A Study of Karachi Business Schools
11. The Moderating Role of Religiosity on the Relationship between Satisfaction with Work-life Balance and Job Satisfaction 12. Influence of Product Placement on Consumer Behavior: The Mediating Roles of Consumer Recognition with Program Celebrity and Ethical Perceptions Towards Product Placement that Leads to Consumer Purchase Intention
13. Impact of Safety Health Environment on Employee Retention in Pharmaceutical Industry: Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction and Motivation 14. Determinants Of Teachers’ Turnover Intention In Bahria Schools And Colleges At Karachi
15. Customer Orientation of Service Employees: A Phantom Model Approach 16. The Impact of Corporate Governance on Cost of Capital: The Case of Small, Medium, and Large Cap Firms
17. Knowledge Sharing And Innovation Performance Affected By Hr Generic Strategies: An Empirical Study Of Smes In China And Pakistan 18. Investor Confidence, Corporate Governance, Stock Liquidity and Dividend Policy
19. Analysis of Factors Causing Merger and Acquisition: Case Study of Banking Sector in Pakistan 20. Consumer Perceived Brand Concept & Close Brand Extension: A Multi-mediation Model Analysis.
21. Investigating the role of manager’s attitude for the performance of subordinates: a study for comparison between Boss and a leader TITLE PAGES