VOL.15, NO.1

1. Does Value Co-creation impacts Customer Loyalty and Repurchase Intention? 2. The Unification of Product Life-cycle and Industry Life-cycle: A Framework for Telecom Sector in Pakistan
3. Factors Influencing Career Choices 4. Bent and Fight, Survive and Succeed; Exploring the Relationship Among Conflict, Ethics, Resilience and Commitment
5. Developing a Scale on Employee Involvement and Motivation in Effective Change Management: A Case of Canteen Stores Department 6. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) From Organizational Performance Perspective: Analysys Of Pharmaceuticals Industries Of Malakand Division.
7. THE IMPACT OF CCC AND WC ON THEPROFITABILITY OF KMI-30 INDEX 8. CSR or ISO Certification: What Does Really Matter for Consumer in Developing Countries
9. Trend of dividends disappearing and reappearing in Pakistani listed firms 10. Influence of life events on the financial satisfaction of individuals
11. Impact of Brand Equity on Consumer Brand Preference and Brand Purchase Intention 12. Investigating the Leadership role in Teacher Education Institutes: A study based on Sindh Government Institutes
13. Impact of Attachment Styles on Relationship Satisfaction: Mediating Role of Phubbing Behavior 14. Linking cronyism, psychological contract breach, and moral disengagement: A study of public sector university teachers
15. An Evaluation of Relationship between Risk, Return and Social Structure and their Impact on Individual Investor’s Behaviour at Pakistan Stock Exchange 16. Effect of Organizational Culture on the Knowledge Management Practices in Private Sector Universities of Pakistan: Mediating Role of Trust
17. Muslim consumer response towards CSR focused companies with special reference of financial impact on the stock value of the companies 18. Servant Leadership: A Taxonomic Approach towards Systematic Literature Review

VOL.15, NO.2

1. Critical Discourse Analysis: A Critical Approach To Expose Hidden Realities In The Discourse Of Sustainable Development > 2. Impact of Landscaping of Shopping-Mall on Customer Preferences: A Qualitative Study of Shopping Malls located in Karachi SECTOR OF LAHORE, PAKISTAN
3. Role of Managerial Competencies and Risk-Taking Behavior in Financial Service Outreach of Microfinance Banks in Pakistan 4. Laohavichien Model of Leadership and Quality For Pakistan. What it Is And Why It’s Important For SME’S
5. Tempirics of Agricultural Production: Comparison of Instrumental Variable and Two Stage Least Square Approach 6. The Mediating Role Of Employer Branding Between Employee Satisfaction And Talent Management STOCK EXCHANGE
7. Factors affecting Customer Retention in the Restaurant Industry: Moderating Role of Restaurant Location 8. Impact of Packaging on Consumer Buying Behavior: A Study made on Millennial of Karachi
9. A Study of entrepreneurial intentions among business and commerce graduates: Evidence from Public Sector Universities of Sindh 10. Linking Professional Business Education With Job Performance And Career Progression: A Stakeholders Satisfaction Perspective
11. Contribution towards Understanding of Corporate Governance: Thematic Analysis of Review Papers on Corporate Governance: 1988- 2017 > 12. Effect of Academic & Personality Development Activities on Competitiveness of Business Schools: An Empirical Study through the lens of Islamic Perspective
13. Factors Pertaining Torising Divorce Rate And Its Consequenceson The Family Culture Of Pakistan: A Qualitative Study Title Pages